The 'Reeks Nederlandse Dialectatlassen' (RND)are compiled by E. Blancquaert and W. Pée in the period 1925-1982. They are published by 'de Sikkel' in Antwerp. For 1956 locations always for nearly the same questionaire a translation is asked and written, typed or printed in the atlasses. The translations are given in an IPA like notation. De atlasses contains mainly dialects in the Dutch language area: The Netherlands and North Belgium. For each location 2-5 informants were interviewed. The range consists of the following volumes:

I Klein-Brabant 1925
II Zuid-Oost-Vlaanderen 1930
III Noord-Oost-Vlaanderen en Zeeuwsch-Vlaanderen 1935
IV Vlaamsch Brabant 1938
V de Zeeuwsche eilanden 1939
VI West Vlaanderen en Fransch-Vlaanderen 1946
VII Antwerpen 1958
VIII Belgisch-Limburg en Zuid-Nederlands-Limburg 1962
IX Noord-Brabant 1952
X Oost-Noord-Brabant, de Rivierenstreek en Noord-Nederlands-Limburg 1966
XI Zuid-Holland en Utrecht 1968
XII Gelderland en Zuid-Overijssel 1973
XIII Noord-Holland 1969
XIV Zuid-Drenthe en Noord-Overijssel 1982
XV Friesland 1955
XVI Groningen en Noord-Drenthe 1967

Each part consists of texts (I) and display maps (II).